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Tyler Stenson

"Fearing no metaphor and drawn instinctively to the bright flame of the American West, Stenson is a fire builder. He pits soft Americana against tender, billowy pop until it sparks, fanning the flame with his gusty, crackling vocals for warmth." - Mark Stock - Willamette Week

Born in Lander, WY and raised in Oregon, Tyler Stenson (30) is a bold singer/songwriter that draws profound influence from his roots in the humble West. Raised a vocalist by his musical mother and a perfectionist by his father the architect, Stenson is a lifetime student of calculated creativity. His music is tightly crafted and reminiscent of a pining Western poet; straightforward yet elegant at its core.

As long as there has been a song, I've felt it in my bones. It was a gift from my dear mother and her father who passed on - yes, a long line of the Music Makers and of Soldiers for the Muse." Tyler Stenson - Fight 'Til Dying Day

As front man and songwriter for his former bands Lander and Rhetoric Tuesday, Stenson played the Northwest college circuit throughout the early 2000s. Often unfulfilled at the beer soaked bars, he soon put band-oriented rock-n-roll to rest and tackled the burgeoning Portland scene as a solo artist in 2007 - it was the best decision he would ever make.

"If we're not growing, we're staying the same. So, I'll continue to change and stretch myself day-to-day. We're entitled to change because we grow." Tyler Stenson - We Grow

His authentic ways were well received. It wasn't long before Stenson was widely considered the top singer/songwriter in Portland and twice-named the "Songwriter of the Year" by the Portland Songwriters Association in 2007 and 2008 - no other artist has ever earned this distinction more than once.

By October of 2009, Stenson had exhausted the local scene and posted capacity numbers at some of the most impressive venues in Portland including Mississippi Studios, The Doug Fir Lounge and Lola's Room at the Crystal Ballroom; therefore, in front of a sold out crowd at the Aladdin Theater, he bid an open-ended farewell to the city that he loved and took his talents to a bigger stage."Who was I to leave Oregon when the rearview facing West held all I loved? When it becomes October, I might become my own fall, but might never know my cards until I call." Tyler Stenson - Leave Oregon

For 15 months, Stenson tried his hand as a singer/songwriter in Nashville and though he made substantial traction in a short time, he found that it simply wasn't an environment that best suited his left-of-center leanings. Oh, but it taught him much.

"Getting there is as endless as it seems. That's why I'm sitting here in Tennessee - with the words but no one to call - because somebody's gonna make it - but it better be us all." Tyler Stenson - Better Be Us All

Now, back in Portland, Stenson was recently named the "Best Male Artist" at the 2011 Portland Music Awards - 100,000 votes were collected and the results were unanimous.

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